5 Things to Think About When Remodeling Your Kitchen

May 29, 2024 / Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

May 29, 2024
Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

How about a kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles? It can be exciting, but also a little scary! There's a lot to think about, like how you want your kitchen to look and how to make it work well for you.

Here are five things to remember to make your kitchen remodel a success!

  1. Kitchen Flow: This means how easy it is to move around while cooking. Think about the sink, stove, and fridge, a good layout puts them close together for smooth work. In LA, where space might be tight, get creative to use every inch! Talk to a designer for help planning a layout that fits your needs.
  2. Cabinet Choice: Update your cabinets! You can either reface them with new doors and handles, or take them out and put in all new ones. Refacing is cheaper, but new cabinets give you more design options. Think about your budget and how much change you want.
  3. Pick Your Perfect Materials: Countertops, floors, and backsplashes need to look good and last a long time. Los Angeles weather is nice, so you have lots of choices! Quartz or granite countertops are strong and stylish. Hardwood or tile floors are popular and can handle everyday use. For the backsplash, think about how easy it is to clean and how it matches your other choices.
  4. Light It Up! Good lighting makes your kitchen work well and feel good. Los Angeles gets a lot of sunshine, so use windows and skylights to bring in natural light. Add task lighting under cabinets to brighten work areas. Put in dimmer switches so you can control the overhead light and change the mood in your kitchen.
  5. Save Energy, Save Money! These days, using less energy is important. Look for appliances with the ENERGY STAR label - that means they use less electricity. Low-flow faucets and LED lights also help save energy and water in your kitchen.

Tech Time!

Want to make your kitchen even more helpful? Think about smart appliances! These can be controlled from your phone, so you can turn on the oven from another room or check what's in the fridge.

Smart faucets that turn on with a touch can save water, and smart lights can change color to fit your mood. Los Angeles loves new technology, so this is a great way to make your kitchen modern and functional!

Multi-Tasking Kitchen

In LA, kitchens are used for more than just cooking! They're also places to hang out with family and friends, or even work from home. Think about how you'll use your kitchen and design it to fit those needs.

Add some comfy seating, like bar stools at an island or a breakfast nook. Separate the space into areas for different activities, like cooking, eating, and prepping food. This will keep things organized and make your kitchen work better for you.

Go Green!

As more people care about the environment, it's a good idea to use eco-friendly materials in your kitchen remodel. Look for cabinets made from recycled wood or bamboo, and countertops made from recycled glass.

Choose paints and finishes that are low-VOC, which means they release fewer harmful chemicals. Think about appliances too - induction cooktops use less energy than gas stoves, and refrigerators with good insulation can save you money on your electricity bill.. This is a great way to help the environment and save money in the long run!

Storage Savvy!

In LA, where space can be tight, good storage is key to a tidy kitchen. Think about adding features like pull-out shelves in your pantry, deep drawers with dividers, and adjustable shelves to fit all your kitchen stuff.

Custom cabinets and organizers can also be a great way to make the most of your space. This will help you keep your kitchen clutter-free and easy to use!

Make it Yours & Embrace LA Living!

Kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles is a chance to create a space that reflects your taste and personality. Think about what makes LA special to you and incorporate those elements into your design. Do you love spending time outdoors?

Maybe add big windows to bring in natural light. Do you love to entertain? Design a kitchen that's perfect for gatherings. With careful planning and a little creativity, you can create a kitchen that's both beautiful and functional, and that perfectly reflects your unique style and LA lifestyle.

Ready to Cook Up Your Dream Kitchen? Let's Make It Happen!

Contact Bradco Kitchens today to start your kitchen makeover journey in Los Angeles. Their awesome team will work with you to turn your ideas into reality, from the first sketches to the final touches.

Want new cabinets? Countertops? Or a whole new layout? They can do it all! Don't wait to create the perfect kitchen for your home. Call Bradco Kitchens now at 323-936-3457 and make your dream kitchen a reality with expert kitchen cabinet refacing in Los Angeles!

Here are Some Questions to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?

LA kitchen remodels can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a few months, depending on how much you're changing. A smaller project might be done faster, while a major overhaul could take longer.

How do I stay on budget?

Planning is key! Set a realistic budget based on what you can afford and how much work needs to be done. Research costs for materials, workers, and anything else you might need. Include some extra money in your budget for unexpected things. Talk to your contractor or designer carefully about your options to avoid spending more than you planned.

What's popular in LA kitchens right now?

Sleek, modern styles with fancy countertops and stainless steel appliances are popular. Open floor plans are also trendy, letting in lots of natural light. Smart appliances that you can control from your phone are a cool touch too! And because LA is eco-conscious, using eco-friendly materials is a great idea.

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