Fall Trends for Sustainable Living in Los Angeles

, October 11, 2011 / Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths
October 11, 2011
Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

Although L.A. is no doubt a highly urbanized city, living here definitely has its benefits. Besides the beautiful weather and never ending food truck festivals, this fair city is a strong advocate of sustainable living. Many Angelinos would leap at a chance to improve their carbon footprints especially when it comes to their homes. For several years, we at Bradco have been champions of sustainable products and eco-designs, offering a multitude of choices when it comes to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. There are a variety of options any home owner can make to adjust to an eco-friendly home. We found some fall trends that we would like you to take into consideration to add that sustainable flair to your home.

Green and Stylish

According to HGTV online, the new fall color to design around is indigo where you can currently find tons of products available to help fuse this rich color into your home. Tiles are a wonderfully diverse design element and come in a wide variety of colors. They can be added as a back splash in a kitchen or virtually anywhere in the bathroom scheme from floor to sink. To view some Bradco photos of tile incorporation in bathrooms click here. Countertops made from recycled glass, porcelain, and mirror materials are also widely offered throughout our showroom. Water and energy conservation are also top trending focuses in home design for the fall season. Now that summer is gone and the temperatures are starting to cool down, you can lay off the air conditioning and zero in on some sustainable design functions. Installing a premium water filtration system will allow your tap water to become a premium drinking source which will allow you to eliminate your bottled water consumption. Bradco's water filtration product partners also follow a high model standard of sustainable practices. Low-flow toilets, sinks, and showers are an excellent way to save water and their design appeal is endless. To save energy, install energy star appliances. Also, be informed when it comes to tax incentives attached to the purchase of these goods.  Not only is paying attention to these aspects beneficial to you in terms of sustainability, but they are also wallet friendly.

Partnering For Success

At Bradco, we partner with businesses that hold themselves to higher sustainable standards. We also select our offered product lines based on sustainable options and their dedication to in-store sustainable practices. It is important to us that our consumers are made aware of all our sustainable practices and that they know we go about our practice in a very transparent way. We are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, we have our own cabinetry factory in Mexico to ensure that the integrity of our materials is not compromised.

Bradco uses green building materials from sustainably certified forests in Costa Rica.

Our custom cabinets are made from non-toxic formaldehyde free wood that come from sustainably certified forests in Costa Rica. Bradco recommends that low or no VOC finishes and formaldehyde-free adhesives are used. Since we own our own cabinetry factory in Mexico, we have direct control over the quality of goods produced there as well as the green business practices used. In order to reduce our environmental impact, Bradco implements a reduction in the amount of waste created at our manufacturing plant. Because the manufacturing of cabinets create an excess of sawdust, we re-use all our sawdust by collecting and donating it to a nursery where it is mixed into their compost and used to plant new vegetative growth for Morelos Park – considered the largest ecological reserve in Tijuana.

At Bradco, you will find our showrooms filled with sustainable products to provide you with the widest variety of green choices because we know how much you love your home as much as your planet.

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