Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Achieving the Transitional Kitchen Design

, January 30, 2014 / Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths
January 30, 2014
Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

Aiming for a kitchen that can work with any style? The transitional kitchen is the solution for you. This is a style that works with any home decor and fits with any current kitchen trends. The good news is that you can start with your existing kitchen and work from there. This is great for anyone that doesn't know exactly what they want and need a foundation to start from. If you prefer to start from scratch that works too.

Transitional kitchens are a mix of traditional and modern styles. The design borrows decor from each one resulting in a warm, inviting, classic and stylish kitchen upgrade. There are rules to get into the transitional kitchen vibe. This trend is hard to perfect and easy to mess up so pay close attention to the rules of this kitchen remodel ideas.

Transitional kitchens have a fusion of natural and manufactured materials. Traditional kitchens have wood, laminate, tile and glass materials while modern kitchens have steel, stone, granite and marble. Pick materials from both worlds to have a transitional result. It should feel harmonious, symmetric and complete.

Make the palette neutral. Wild colors in the kitchen isn't welcome. A splash of color is welcome but don't overdo it. Stick to black, white, beige and the hottest neutral color this year, gray. These colors may seem bland but with the right combination it does work. It's the only acceptable colors that works for both modern and traditional styles.

Make up for the palette with texture. Transitional designs love texture so use that to bring personality into the kitchen. Decorative tile surfaces, unusual shapes on countertops and kitchen islands, and polished/rough feel on stone, granite, and marble are examples of using texture to your advantage. The goal is to add visual pop instead of adding wild and bold color.

Kitchen cabinets are as neutral as the rest of the kitchen. Cabinets are streamlined and standard in order to maintain the low profile transitional designs provide. Cabinets have the basic look down to the hardware but can stand out based on the material. Glass and wood definitely works in this design. Get all glass, all wood or a mix of the two. Lines are clean and straight to balance out the warm, inviting and uncluttered feel of the overall kitchen.

Make your kitchen remodel count. Bring the past and the future to the present when you choose the transitional style for your kitchen. We can assist with making the right choices for the perfect transitional kitchen. Contact us for more information on transitional kitchens and the latest kitchen trends.

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