Kitchen Trends That Stand the Test of Time

, February 22, 2014 / Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths
February 22, 2014
Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

Trying to keep up with every trend that comes your way is going to make you bonkers.  Instead stick with trends that will last after the current one plays out.  There are plenty to choose from.  There are designs, materials, textures, tables, storage space and cabinets los angeles offers in their stores, so what are you waiting for?  Show off your personality and stay a step ahead with these timeless trends.

Home-style Kitchens

The kitchen is so luxurious that it turns into its own home.  It makes the rest of the home dull in comparison.  Kitchen trends are leaning toward making the kitchen blend in with the home instead of standing out.  Changing the kitchen into furniture or cabinet-like will assist in blending.  Furniture kitchens have furniture like pieces in the kitchen.  Ottomans, chairs and coffee tables work well to make the kitchen and the rest of the home come together.  Turning kitchen appliances into cabinet-like pieces is so creative and functional. It hides kitchen appliances (for blending in) while being innovative (standing out) at the same time.  The kitchen will be the highlight not the appliances.

Storage Space

You can never have enough storage space.  That's because you can never have or need too many items in the kitchen.  Storage space for future trends are going upward and in unusual spaces.  Stretch the cabinet upward and use the open space on top.  This increases cabinet size along with space.  Go as close to the ceiling as possible but don't touch the ceiling.  Storage solutions add space in unusual places for more storage.  Slide out and pull out racks, drawers and baskets work well underneath sinks, in unused space and on kitchen islands.

Multifunctional Pieces

There are plenty of small kitchens around so there will always be a need for multifunctional pieces.  Also known as multipurpose these pieces have more than one purpose.  The main multifunctional kitchen piece is the kitchen island.  It can serve as whatever you want it to be: a dining table, sink, storage, prep area, pantry, a combination, or whatever else you see fit.  Large kitchens that easily run out of space can benefit from this too.

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