The Challenges in Using Remodeling Services to Spruce up Older Kitchens and Bathrooms

, June 13, 2014 / Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths
June 13, 2014
Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

Newer homes are easier to remodel.  It won’t take long to change bathrooms and kitchens from dull to beautiful because the home is up to date.  However the materials used to build older homes are outdated.  Renovating kitchens and bathrooms in older homes need special care.  There are challenges older homes have that newer homes don't have to worry about.  All you need is good remodeling services and you're all set.

Protrusions and Out of Square Walls:  Some older homes have walls that are bumpy, lumpy, pointy and rounded.  When interior walls have bumps, it is hard to build on top of it without crookedness.  In order to install cabinets, the walls have to be flat from the inside out.

Out of square walls meet at a right angle, but the angle is crooked.  Building on top of the wall is not going to look right because the right angles on the walls must be cut with accuracy.

Sagging Floors:  Floors are built to last, but it doesn’t last forever.  Older homes have floors that sag.  It usually sags where heavy items are idle for a long time or where floors leak.  Either support columns are needed to hold up the floor or replace the floor completely.

Foundation cracks:  Foundation cracks are visible in older homes.  That comes from the foundation of the home not aligning with the rest of the home.  Depending on when the home was built cinder block may have been used as foundation material.  If so the block wasn’t sealed properly causing the cracks to show up.

Electrical problems:  Electrical breakers and wiring in older homes is outdated and out of date.  It cannot handle enough electricity to power up today’s household items.  In addition the wiring could be located near moisture or made of aluminum; both are no-nos in today’s homes.

Windows:  Windows in older homes erode and rot.  Because of this those windows are less insulated, less protective from natural elements, and less energy efficient.  Windows are also made of odd shapes, different sizes and materials not used today.  Windows in kitchens and bathrooms must be replaced.

Mold and Mildew:  Behind kitchens and bathroom sinks and walls mold and mildew can lurk.  Mold and mildew comes from water damage, and this can delay the remodeling process.

You’re often told that older homes aren’t worth renovating, but you don't have to listen.  The good news is that your kitchen and bathroom can be renovated.  Contact us to see what we can do for your kitchen and bathrooms.  Our professionals like a challenge.

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