Kentwood South

12 Single Family Homes

Scope: Kitchen and Bath cabinetry, appliances, rough tops

Developer:  Dreyfuss Construction

Architect: R&D architects

Contractor: Dreyfuss Construction

This community was built to form a gateway that welcomes people to the Kentwood neighborhood. Kentwood South is an innovative marriage of contemporary form, elegant function and a sophisticated space. Spacious living and dining rooms open up into a kitchen with a large island for casual seating and additional storage. The rooftop terraces offer expansive views of the city, and even barbecue hookups. On top of this, the terrace is built so that it can support the load of a hot tub. The homes are located near schools, shopping, beaches, tennis courts, parks, a golf course, as well as LAX. Kitchen was designed by the stellar design team at Bradco Kitchens and Baths, and professionally installed by the experts at B&R Construction Inc. Custom cabinetry was provided by Bradco’s kitchen and bath custom cabinet factory.


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