Must Have Kitchen Remodel Features For Party Hosts

, January 22, 2020 / Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths
January 22, 2020
Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

One of the main functions of a kitchen is to help with entertaining friends and family. Your kitchen can be the heart of your home and bring people together, but only if it’s designed and outfitted properly. That's why we've assembled a list of the biggest enhancements you can make to your kitchen to prepare it for all your visitors. With a simple kitchen remodel in Los Angeles you can transform your standard kitchen into master space for entertaining it has the potential to be. But what changes do you need to make? Keep reading to find out below. 

Choosing The Best Kitchen Upgrades For You

We use our kitchens for everything from meal prep to project completion to settling game night arguments. Whether your home is a hub for your extended family or you just love to host a great party, you need your kitchen to have features that make your space more functional. Check out some of our top recommended features that hosts love in their kitchen renovations. 

Expanded Seating & Workspace - Oversized Islands

Consider adding an oversized island to your kitchen complete with bar seating to give your guests a place to sit down while they visit with you. Consider islands and island bench options that offer storage along with an easy-clean workspace to prepare meals on. 

Easier Maintenance & Cleaning - Swap Out Counter Surfaces

Invest in easy-to-clean countertops made from hard surfaces like quartz that's easy to clean and maintain and that you can work on without fear. Avoid countertops such as granite that are easier to damage to create a more reliable entertainment space. 

The One Woman Show - Additional Sinks, Warming Draw, and More

Consider adding a second sink for added space for washing dishes and preparing food in. If you have a helper in the kitchen a second sink will really help speed up key kitchen tasks. A warming drawer is another nice enhancement that can really help when preparing meals for big groups. Add the finished dishes to the drawer while you prepare the rest and everything will be a pleasant temperature when you serve the final meal. 

Expand Your Storage - Walk-in Pantry Installation

A walk-in pantry is a perfect addition to a smaller kitchen in need of more storage space. This culinary upgrade will give you the room you need to store small appliances, dry goods and everything else you don't want out in the open in your kitchen. The pantry will help keep your kitchen cleaner while giving you even more room for all your culinary tools and food goods. 

Set The Mood - Choose Your Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Proper mood lighting goes a long way toward creating the perfect setting for any celebration. Consider adding bright under cabinet lights that can create a brilliant glow during large gatherings but be dimmed for a more relaxed mood for smaller gatherings. 

Open Concept Kitchen Design

A kitchen with an open layout is ideal for entertaining because it's more relaxed and allows guests to move through easily for chatting, grabbing plates or whatever. If you plan on entertaining in your home frequently it's worth it to change a more closed-off kitchen into an open space. 

With just a few of these simple upgrades, you can transform your kitchen into the perfect party hub for all your gatherings. Visit Bradco Kitchens and Baths for more information at to find out exactly how you can upgrade your space to get it ready for parties and special events. 

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