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Amanda Fry

As seen on Angie’s List…

I recently remodeled my  kitchen and purchased my cabinets through Bradco Kitchens.  I did a ton of research beforehand looking for the best value, price and service.  I had gone to some other places in the city.  Some where outrageously expensive, others  were within my budget but didn’t really come up with any designs that aligned with what I wanted.  Buyers beware – this one place I went to, they were basically crooks, rushing  through the sale process only to find out the box  and drawerbox construction were crap (particle board aka sawdust and stapled drawers – No thanks!)  At my first appointment at Bradco kitchens I really felt I was in good hands with my designer. After having shopped around so much I did have a very specific idea of what I wanted and really felt like my designer listened to my needs.  Their showroom is huge so they had samples of pretty everything I wanted to see in person including about 10 or 15 kitchen vignettes.  Much easier to imagine what your new kitchens will look like when you can see it in person on display.    Even though I knew what I wanted she made some great suggestions that saved money and worked better.  For example, I had it in my head that I needed roll out shelves on every single cabinet, my designer
told me that was unnecessary and all those accessories were the reason I was going over budget.  She showed me some really cool accessories that I didn’t even know existed like a pull out corner shelf that were even cooler and cost less money than a million roll out shelves.  Love my new kitchen!  Thanks Bradco!

Cathy Zingale

Sent by email…

I want to let you know that Manny has been really great.  I’ve been really happy with B & R and as Manny as the “face” of B & R for me, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what he has done. He will see what needs to be done and makes sure it gets taken care of without me having to bring it up or nag about it.  He just knows what needs to be done to do the job correctly.

The garage is looking great.  I imagine you’ll be out to check out the final.  Thanks!

Summer Lynn M

As seen on Yelp…

If you want to buy absolutely beautiful designed kitchen or bathroom appliances, that are truly ‘green’ and sustainable, this is your place in Los Angeles.  They are extremely accommodating (ask for Michael the owner) and have much knowledge about their environmental and recycling programs. They don’t ‘green wash’ you with lies. Gorgeous kitchen cabinets, tubs, toilets.  You name it.  If you want quality, this is your place. Highly recommended!

Elodie Gerard

As seen on Houzz…

I am so happy I walked in Bradco Kitchens and Baths showroom 6 months ago!
I moved in LA with my husband 2 years ago and we decided to get our own property.
We bought a very cute house not too far from Pico and Fairfax where Bradco’s showroom is, but the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, definitely needed to be remodeled.
Margaret, one of the designers, helped me right after I first visited their showroom. She was very professional, she understood right away our tastes and what we were looking for: something modern, but nothing too much, and the kitchen needed to be very convenient for cooking as we cook a lot.
A few days after she came to our place, started to take measurements. As we needed custom cabinets, because the shape of our kitchen is very different from what we can see usually, Bradco’s own factory created the cabinets. I so loved their work. The craftsmen are very professional, precise, and I could not be happier. The lead time was respected for everything, Margaret always took or returned my calls and it was always a pleasure to speak with her, she is a very sweet person, as well as very professional.
She also helped me with the appliances I needed, and once more, she understood right away what I was looking for.
The construction team also did a great job! Everything got installed in time.

Wolf Cordin

As seen on Google Reviews…

We recently had to redo our outdated kitchen, of course we started to shop around. From the upscale Robertson showrooms to Home depot and the likes we visited them all. One of our visits was to Bradco Kitchens and Baths on Pico Blvd. We strolled around the showroom and were impressed by the variety of cabinetry they offered. the nice thing was that the sales staff gives you time to browse and we felt no pressure. We talked to one of their designers and got most of the explanations we needed about their policies and the process of buying cabinetry from them. We made another appointment with the designer that took care of us and came back for a formal design appointment. The fist design session took about one hour, we were presented with a preliminary price and we felt comfortable enough to have them come out to the house to take the measurements. we spend a couple more hours at the Bradco showroom and finalized the design. Margaret, our designer was a young and extremely knowledgeable lady with lots of great space saving idea. They do ask for a nonrefundable deposit once you agreed to work with them. We really feel we got all we were promised and what we asked for. We were very happy with the service and the product they delivered and thought it is just fair that we let everybody know.

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