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Bradco Kitchen + Baths is your premier destination for kitchen remodeling in San Marino, backed by over three decades of industry experience. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, tailored to meet the unique tastes and budgetary needs of our clients. Whether your style leans towards the classic or the contemporary, our professional designers are equipped to bring your vision to life. Our designers, lauded on HGTV's Designers' Challenge, are adept at delivering transformative kitchen redesigns.

Venturing into a kitchen renovation without expert guidance can be challenging, with risks of inferior results, accidents, unexpected expenses, and diminished property value. However, Bradco Kitchens + Baths is here to safeguard against these issues with our comprehensive in-house team, ensuring a smooth progression from your initial ideas to the finished renovation.

Our dedication to superior quality is reflected in our selection of materials for your kitchen overhaul. We use only the highest quality cabinetry, countertops, and energy-efficient appliances, focusing on durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. This commitment guarantees a kitchen that is not only visually impressive but also built to last. Make an appointment with us today to explore the possibilities for your kitchen renovation in San Marino.

With Bradco Kitchens + Baths, you're never alone in your San Marino kitchen renovation journey. From the first sketches to the final reveal, we provide a complete, hassle-free service. Our cohesive team works diligently to realize your renovation dreams. Visit our San Marino showroom or take our virtual tour to explore our designs online. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at (323) 936-3457.

Why Bradco Kitchens + Baths is the Choice for Your San Marino Kitchen Renovation

  • Unmatched Experience: With over 30 years in the field, Bradco Kitchens & Baths is recognized as a leading authority in kitchen renovations, offering unparalleled expertise in San Marino and beyond. Our team consists of experienced designers and contractors dedicated to making your kitchen dreams a reality.
  • Personalized Design: We view your kitchen as a blank slate for your personal expression. Through close collaboration, we capture your vision down to the last detail, ensuring a harmonious blend with your unique style, culminating in a kitchen that is exclusively yours.
  • Exceptional Quality Materials: Our commitment to your kitchen's transformation is underscored by our use of only the finest materials, from custom cabinetry to luxurious countertops and sustainable appliances. Our focus is on delivering a kitchen that excels in durability, functionality, and design.
  • Innovative Design Solutions: Stay at the forefront of kitchen design with Bradco Kitchens & Baths. Our team is constantly in tune with the latest design trends and technological advances, enabling us to offer innovative, space-efficient solutions that enhance your kitchen's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A Culinary Haven Amidst the City's Beauty

In San Marino, where lush gardens and historic architecture define the landscape, your kitchen becomes more than just a cooking space; it's a culinary haven.

Picture a kitchen designed to complement the vibrant flora and serene surroundings, with large windows framing picturesque views. Our designers draw inspiration from San Marino's botanical beauty to create kitchens that seamlessly integrate with the natural elegance of the city.

Timeless Design for Modern Living

Our expert team understands the unique character of San Marino homes. We specialize in creating kitchen spaces that honor the architectural heritage of the city while incorporating the latest trends in modern design.

Imagine a kitchen where classic lines meet contemporary finishes, resulting in a timeless aesthetic that complements your lifestyle.

Functional Designs for Urban Living

San Marino's unique urban environment calls for kitchen designs that prioritize functionality without sacrificing style. Our team excels at creating layouts that maximize every inch of your kitchen, providing efficient storage solutions, and optimizing workflow.

From multi-functional islands to custom pantry designs, we ensure that your kitchen becomes a practical and stylish hub for your daily activities.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

At Bradco, we take pride in our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Every detail of your kitchen remodel is executed with precision and care, ensuring not just a renovation but a transformation.

Our skilled artisans bring their expertise to every aspect, from custom cabinetry to intricate tiling, delivering a finished product that surpasses expectations.

Personalized Solutions for Every Home

No two homes are alike, and neither should their kitchens be. Our design process begins with a thorough understanding of your preferences, lifestyle, and the unique features of your San Marino residence.

Whether it's opening up the space for more natural light or creating a cozy breakfast nook, we tailor our solutions to meet your individual needs.

Inspired by San Marino's Architectural Heritage

San Marino's architectural heritage is a testament to the city's commitment to preserving its unique character.

Our designers draw inspiration from the city's iconic structures, incorporating architectural elements that pay homage to San Marino's history. From arched doorways to custom moldings, we infuse your kitchen remodel with elements that reflect the city's timeless elegance.

Create a Sanctuary for Family Gatherings

In San Marino, the family holds a special place in the community's heart. Our kitchen designs prioritize creating a sanctuary for family gatherings, with layouts that encourage togetherness and warmth.

Picture a kitchen where generations can come together, share stories, and create lasting memories. Our designs consider the diverse needs of your family, ensuring that your kitchen becomes a central hub for connection and celebration.

Efficiency Meets Aesthetics

San Marino residents value efficiency without compromising aesthetics. Our team integrates the latest kitchen technologies, ensuring that your space is as functional as it is beautiful.

From smart storage solutions to energy-efficient appliances, we bring innovation to your kitchen, making it a joy to cook, entertain, and spend time with loved ones.

Seamless Project Management

Embarking on a kitchen remodeling in San Marino can be a daunting task, but with Bradco, it becomes a seamless experience. Our project management team oversees every phase, from the initial design concept to the final touches.

We prioritize clear communication, ensuring that you are informed and confident throughout the remodeling process.

Quality Materials, Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is at the forefront of our design philosophy. San Marino residents appreciate eco-friendly solutions, and we deliver by sourcing quality materials with sustainability in mind.

From reclaimed wood for custom cabinetry to energy-efficient lighting, we prioritize practices that minimize environmental impact while maximizing the longevity of your kitchen remodel.

Entertain with Ease

San Marino residents are known for their love of hosting gatherings, and our kitchen designs reflect that social spirit. Imagine a kitchen layout that encourages easy flow, allowing you to entertain guests while preparing delightful meals.

From open-concept designs to strategically placed islands, we create spaces that enhance your ability to host unforgettable gatherings.

Capture the Essence of San Marino Living

San Marino is a city known for its commitment to preserving its historical charm. Our designers take cues from the city's architectural heritage, incorporating elements that capture the essence of San Marino living.

Whether it's restoring original features or introducing modern interpretations, we ensure that your kitchen remodel becomes a seamless part of the city's story.

Collaborative Design Experience

Your vision is the driving force behind our design process. At Bradco, we believe in a collaborative approach, where your ideas and preferences shape every decision.

Our designers work closely with you to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and the specific demands of your San Marino home, ensuring that the final result reflects your unique personality and style.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Beyond our design expertise, Bradco Kitchens + Baths is renowned for its unparalleled customer service. We prioritize your satisfaction at every step, offering transparent communication, timely updates, and a commitment to delivering on our promises.

Your kitchen remodeling in San Marino, CA is not just a project; it's a partnership built on trust and excellence.

Remodel Your San Marino Kitchen with Bradco Kitchens & Baths!

Count on Bradco Kitchens + Baths as your partner for kitchen remodeling in San Marino and elevate your renovation experience. Our blend of extensive expertise, customized design, premium materials, and innovative solutions ensures a kitchen that perfectly balances beauty and practicality. To begin the transformation of your kitchen into a reflection of your unique taste, schedule your consultation at (323) 936-3457 today. Join us on a journey to create your dream kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Bradco Kitchens + Baths apart from other San Marino kitchen remodeling services in Los Angeles?

At Bradco Kitchens + Baths, our commitment to excellence sets us apart in the San Marino kitchen remodeling landscape. We distinguish ourselves through a fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and client-centric service. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to transform their kitchen visions into reality, ensuring a seamless and personalized remodeling experience. From concept to completion, we prioritize quality, innovation, and attention to detail, creating spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations. The reputation we've earned in San Marino is built on a foundation of integrity, reliability, and a passion for delivering exceptional kitchen remodeling services.

What types of materials do Bradco Kitchens + Baths use for kitchen countertopsin San Marino?

Bradco Kitchens + Baths offers a diverse selection of materials for kitchen countertops in San Marino, allowing clients to choose options that align with their aesthetic preferences and practical needs. Our materials range from durable natural stones like granite and quartzite to engineered quartz, which combines beauty with low maintenance. We also provide options like solid surface materials, stainless steel, and eco-friendly choices to cater to various design styles and sustainability considerations. With a focus on quality and versatility, our extensive countertop offerings ensure that each client finds the perfect material to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their kitchen.

How can I request a quote for kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles from Bradco Kitchens + Baths in San Marino?

Requesting a quote for kitchen remodeling in San Marino with Bradco Kitchens + Baths is a straightforward and personalized process. Simply reach out to our team via our website or contact our showroom directly. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your remodeling goals, design preferences, and budget considerations. During this meeting, our experts will gather essential information to provide you with a detailed and accurate quote tailored to your specific project. Our transparent approach ensures that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved, allowing you to make informed decisions about your kitchen remodeling investment.

Does Bradco Kitchens + Baths provide customizable design options for kitchen remodeling in San Marino?

Absolutely, Bradco Kitchens + Baths takes pride in offering customizable design options for kitchen remodeling in San Marino and Los Angeles. We understand that every client has unique preferences and requirements for their kitchen space. Our experienced designers work closely with you to create a customized plan that reflects your individual style, functional needs, and aesthetic vision. From selecting cabinetry finishes and hardware to choosing countertops, backsplashes, and flooring, we offer an extensive range of design options. This customization ensures that your kitchen remodeling project with Bradco Kitchens + Baths is a true reflection of your taste and lifestyle.

How long does a typical kitchen remodeling project with Bradco Kitchens + Baths take in San Marino?

The duration of a typical kitchen remodeling project with Bradco Kitchens + Baths varies depending on factors such as project complexity, size, and the scope of work. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results within a reasonable timeframe. On average, a kitchen remodeling project in San Marino can take several weeks to complete, factoring in design development, material selection, construction, and finishing touches. Throughout the process, our focus remains on efficiency without compromising craftsmanship. During the initial consultation, we can provide a more accurate timeline based on the specifics of your project, ensuring transparency and effective project management.

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Summer Lynn
If you want to buy absolutely beautiful designed kitchen or bathroom appliances, that are truly ‘green’ and sustainable, this is your place in Los Angeles. They are extremely accommodating (ask for Michael the owner) and have much knowledge about their environmental and recycling programs. They don’t ‘green wash’ you with lies. Gorgeous kitchen cabinets, tubs, toilets. You name it. If you want quality, this is your place. Highly recommended!
Amanda Fry
Amanda Fry
At my first appointment at Bradco kitchens I really felt I was in good hands with my designer. After having shopped around so much I did have a very specific idea of what I wanted and really felt like my designer listened to my needs. Their showroom is huge so they had samples of pretty everything I wanted to see in person including about 10 or 15 kitchen vignettes. Much easier to imagine what your new kitchens will look like when you can see it in person on display.
Cathy Zingale
Cathy Zingale
I want to let you know that Manny has been really great. I’ve been really happy with B & R and as Manny as the “face” of B & R for me, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what he has done. He will see what needs to be done and makes sure it gets taken care of without me having to bring it up or nag about it. He just knows what needs to be done to do the job correctly. The garage is looking great. I imagine you’ll be out to check out the final. Thanks!


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