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, March 22, 2012 / Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths
March 22, 2012
Written by: Bradco Kitchens & Baths

As seen on Yelp...

Bradco gave us a nicer kitchen than we thought we could afford ($15k). We have beautiful glass-front cabinets that go up to the ceiling with gorgeous moulding, Silestone countertops and table. Our cabinets and drawers do that auto-close thing, although I thought there was no way we could afford that, lo and behold when the cabinets were installed my husband noticed that we had it!
Michael, the owner, is fantastic. He answered the phone the very first time we called (with my husband in the background protesting "We can't afford them!-He was wrong) and after the job was done when I mentioned that we had a bit of toe-kick that slipped out of place Michael e-mailed me personally to ask when they could come by to fix it (I still haven't done that, it's in a corner and just doesn't bother me).
B&R did our installation, and Manny and his crew were fantastic. Every subcontractor they used was respectful, punctual, meticulous. Their plumber came late on a Friday night and stayed until the job was done so we could stay on schedule.
They interfaced with me beautifully on some wrought-iron pieces I had bought that had to be incorporated with the shelves and table.
Our kitchen job came in on time, on schedule, and exceeded our expectations. I read the critical reviews and frankly, the gentleman who stopped the installation was out of line, and I know this because I worked in construction management (on the Walt Disney Concert Hall, no less) where I handled construction contracts.
And as far as changes and adds go, yes, sometimes they are expensive, and sometimes not. Example: Manny suggested adding some downlights over our counter, which were very reasonable even with the added electrical and we love them, but the trim to hide them behind would have been another add, and it was super crazy expensive. Why? Because the finish had to match the cabinets exactly, and the cabinets were already done. So we just decided to do without the trim, and we don't even notice it. And we still love our "Manny lights."

Bradco and B&R are as world-class as the firms we had on site at the Concert Hall, and I have a beautiful kitchen to prove it.

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